Hi Leslie,

We had a good time, and we did catch the leaves a a good point. The predictions were for rain most of the trip, but we lucked out and only caught it once where it mattered. Our favorite stop was Quebec City - ready to go back there some day.

It was on average about 10 deg colder than predicted. Lot's of people wishing they had brought warmer clothes. That has happened to us before; one would think we should learn.

The ship was much improved over our last trip on it. WE were quite happy with it. Still lots of vibration in the rear, but we noticed none in our cabin (916).

Ready to go again (if the stock market smiles on us).


Dear Shirley,

We're home and hand a wonderful trip - loved Italy, Greece and Spain! One of the highlits of our cruise was our special dinner at the Pinnacle Restaurant - such a treat and delicious. Thank you so much! You are always such a help when we are planning trips and we do appreciate your guidance and help.

Hope all is well with you and that yo uare enjoying our beautiful weather. Again, our thanks for helping to make our trip so special.


Betsy & Jack

Hi Becky,

Well we are back. We had an amazing time exploring all 3 countries and experiencing everything they had to offer. We were very pleased with all of the hotels and especially with Kriss. He was great to work with. He drives a Mercedes van that is in excellent condition, speaks pretty good English and provided us with plenty of entertainment options. I'd highly recommend him. As far as hotels go, all were great with the exception of Le Leela in Phonmn Penh. It was a bit worn down and wasn't all that clean, plus the front desk seems unorganized and didn't know what to do both times we arrived. The tour books were okay. The KL tour started off with visits to 2 stores which is a huge minus for us, followed by being rushed through several sights. Secondly the guide didn't really provide much insight into the city or Malaysian culture. The tour in HK was a lot more pleasant and while it did include a stop at a shop, it wasn't as bad as KL.

Finally, I have included a few pictures from the trip. I am sure you'll be able to identify each city/country. Next year we are planning on Central or South America. We'll be talking then.

Thank you

Javier Castaneda

Thank you Becky!! We are glad to be home however we miss Switzerland already!!! The hotels were exactly what we were anticipating and the service thru-out was fantastic! Each town had loads of stuff to do and we thoroughly enjoyed every part of them! The rail system was amazing! We never even had to take a car anywhere it was wonderful! Our passes also in clouded discounted passes for the private lines to certain activities which made a huge difference in some cases and the first class seating was a godsend on a lot of the trains, as they are Switzerland's main system of transportation, they do tend to get noisy and crowded!! Our flights were as good as a 12 hour flight could be, lol! We definitely will be going back and even staying in the same hotels! Dave is already thinking of a snowboarding trip in the winter!! Thank you for everything you've done and we will most definitely be calling for our second go round!! Have a great day Becky well talk to you soon!

Best Wishes

Nichole M. Fellenz

Hi Leslie, The trip was great. Thanks to you the Trump was as wonderful as 3 years ago. Again, the people were helpful and cheerful.

Had some rain, some wind and lots of muggy heat - didn't slow us down.

We took in 5 plays. 1. A reading of Chekhov's love letters to the actress he married - Kevin Kline and Diane Wiest. 2. Harvey with Jim Parsons - terrific. 3. Evita (Chandler's request) - we were worried because it was the #3 understudy; she was amazing, can't believe the star would have been better. 4. Down to Greenwich Village to see "Tribes" - very powerful and our favorite (look it up). 5. Friday we ended with froth and bubble - Nice Work If You Can Get It - a Gershwin musical from the twenties with Matthew Broderwick.

Lots of walking, museums, good food, Grand Central Station, Central Park & Zoo, and long walk on The Highline (a park created on top of an old elevated train track down in the meat packing district. So, yes, we had a good time.

If you can please contact the Trump or limo service and put in a plug for the driver that took us from the Trump to JFK on Saturday. He was an excellent driver and very nice. He went a different way than we have ever been and it was much better - Not as much traffic and actually shorter in time.

Thank you again for all your help.

Claudia Ehrenfeld

Dear Becky,

We had a fabulous time on our honeymoon! Thanks to you it was completely organized and stress-free. We really appreciate your help and cannot wait to plan our next trip!

Hannah Johnson

Hi Becky,

Got back last night. Wanted to tell you that we had a great trip! Eco-Adventures did a very nice job of planning. Everything went very, very smoothly.

The zip line was fun...but...the "Tarzan Swing" kind of threw me off...the next line after that I didn't hold on properly and crashed into a tree. A brave "guide" took the brunt of the crash with his body so besides a few bruises and a "krink" or two I was none the worse for wear. :-)

I was surprised at how much I liked Costa Rica...the people, the scenery, the food. It was one of our favorite trips ever. Dennis especially liked Tortuguero (he went on a private kayak trip with a guide into the reserve). I particularly liked Monteverde. We hiked there all day (stayed after our guide left). And...I'm not normally a "hiker". We took the public bus back to the hotel with a lot of people we met on the trails...mainly young people from around the world.

Thank you so much for all your help and patience in planning the trip for us. We really appreciate all your efforts, it made all the difference.

Don't know what our next trip will be (after the trip to Australia in November to see the Total Solar Eclipse). But you'll be hearing from us.

Thank you again

Kathy Knotts-Lavine

Aloha Leslie,

Yes, the weather cooperated and only got spritzed on for maybe 5 minutes one day. :)

I was telling Mike I think Maui spoiled me!! Lol!! The Marriott was great; no complaints. But I found myself comparing it to the Honua Kai Resort we stayed in in Maui. Man that place was fantastic. I guess if I had to criticize, I'd say the bathroom was a pretty standard bathroom that you'd find at a 3 Star hotel. Otherwise, it fit my needs perfectly and the staff was great.

I tried each of the restaurants in the hotel (the breakfast buffet place, Sansei Restaurant, Moana Terrace, and Arancino). The breakfast buffet was ok, but I was glad it was included in the room price because I don't know that I would have paid that much otherwise. Sansei was fantastic. The catch of the day was Opa and they grilled it with a macadamia nut topping. I think I'm drooling thinking about it. Not only was the food good (I had the apple cobbler for my bday dessert), but the server I had was very knowledgeable about the menu and suggested the perfect wine to go with the meal. Moana Terrace was a typical pool bar, but again, the staff was very pleasant. Arancino was good Italian and some more great wine. ;)

Thank you for the birthday chocolates!

So overall, it was a just-what-I-needed trip. Thank you so much for setting it up. The only overall complaint I have is that I wasn't carded once for alcohol (incl. places I went to off-property) and that made me feel very old!!! Haha!!

I'll be in touch again soon for other vacations, I'm sure.

Sabrina Ceraolo

Iorana, Becky!!!

We had an amazing time!!! More than we ever would've expected!! The whole trip was a highlight. We were pleased and overjoyed with all the arrangements! In addition to your suggestions we used the Frommer's book on french polynesia and ventured off even more! Saw waterfalls and caves not many have been to, or so it seemed. The food was delicious and the people are friendly. We were able to make last minute reservations on excursions and restaurants, which worked well since that made our schedule more flexible.

We have been highly impressed on your knowledge and guidance in helping us to enjoy our trip to the fullest. We will be in touch again!!
We are truly grateful for all of your help!


Barbara Gomez

Hi Leslie!

Thanks for the follow up. We had a great time is Spain. We enjoyed the time we spent on our own in Madrid and the tour equally. It was nice to have a mix of both. The tour was good - I had previously been on a Trafalger tour and I think they have improved on some things. I liked the places that we visited but it would have been nice to have a little bit more time. I would recommend this tour to friends and family but definitely with extended time in Madrid and Barcelona. The tour provided highlights rather than letting you explore in depth.

I would not recommend the hotel in Madrid for extended nights. The hotel is not within walking distance to the major sights in Madrid. We stayed at the NH Paseo del Prado. The hotel was a nice four star hotel that had a better price and location than the Rafael Atocha Hotel.

Thank you for you help planning our vacation. We had a great time.



Hi Becky-

Congrats on a job well done! We had the trip of a lifetime. Two weeks was the perfect amount of time to see everything and still be able to relax. A couple thoughts we had while on the trip:

-The Hotels in Cairns and Sydney were both very basic. The locations were PERFECT though. Walking distance to almost everything.

-The Bonza Bike Tour of Sydney was such a great way to see the city. It was only (3) of us with a tour guide so it was really personal and laid back. Totally worth the money.

-We climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge would I would definitely recommend to anyone visiting Sydney. We did the climb at sunset, which was a bit pricey ($250 I think?) but again, worth every penny.

-Matamanoa was awesome. The people there are unbelievably friendly and the beachfront bures were very nice and private. We kayaked, snorkeled, played beach volleyball and lots of ping pong. :-)

Thanks again for your efforts. It was an amazing way to start off married life :-)

Jennifer Coene

Hi Becky!

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. First, thank you for putting our trip together, and for booking us on flights when our flight was cancelled. Please extend my thanks to Sam as well! Ireland was amazing, and it was so nice to see and visit many parts of the country. My only complaint is- I wish I would have had more days to explore! I will send you some photos when Meghan and I get all the photos uploaded.

I know you specialize in Sandals vacation, but in the near future, I would like to visit Italy. I would like to continue to use you as my travel agent for my travels abroad.

Thank you again for putting together our trip!

Heather Kacsur

Dear Leslie,

Thanks again for helping me plan my wonderful trip to Africa. I really enjoyed working together.

Hope you like this leash for your sunglasses. Sylvi is a great local artist and I have enjoyed using these and giving them as gifts for years. It will help you hang on to your sunglasses!

Best regards

Elaine Kalin

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