Joyce's Family Trip to Hawaii (post 2)

Greyson with Octopus

Greyson with Octopus.

Genesis with Octopus

Genesis with Octopus.

Beachfront Hammock

Beachfront Hammock.

Playing games on the grass

Playing lawn games.

Fresh catch of the day! One of the beach guys caught an octopus and "shared it" with the kids! Our first breakfast we told Chef Helen Hong since the buffet we loved so much wasn't offered would you be doing sticky buns. The next day and EVERY DAY after we have been treated with her fabulous pecan rolls. All the restaurants are opened to the outside so it's been great! Great to be outdoors, with an ocean view and fabulous food!

We've been coming since 1984, a year after they opened. We asked the kids if they ever wanted to rent a home and they all said, "Maybe another island, but not here as we love the #MaunaLaniAuberge." Where can you swing on a hammock, play games on the grass, surf yards from the shore, and snorkel with turtles and eels along with beautiful fish and coral up close in a small bay just steps from the hotel! It's so fun to hear "Mimi and Papa look over here", pointing to a Puffer Fish swimming by.

Canoe House Restaurant

Canoe House Restaurant.

Chef Helen Hong with Family

Chef Helen Hong with Family.

Uncle George & kids after making Puke Shell Necklaces

Uncle George & Kids making Puka Shells.

Surfing with Uncle George

Surfing with Uncle George.

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